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Jan 13 / admin

15 pounds of sugar – The quest for less than 150 pounds a year

My husband and I were talking about random nutritional things like we often do, and he mentioned that most Americans eat 150 pounds of sugar a year.  That number used to be 15 pounds of sugar a year in 1840.   I started thinking about all the sugar I eat.  I like sugar.  I love to bake; mostly because I am gluten free and the things I make taste better then the packaged stuff.  Anyway, I wondered how much sugar that would be a day, and if I could manage to cut my sugar intake to that number.  Turns out that is about 20 grams of sugar a day.  Hmm what does that mean exactly?  Are we talking actual added sugar or all sugar including fruit and carbs?  I have decided to see if I can manage to get by on 15 pounds of sugar a year.  It sounds stupid when you say it out loud because that seems like a lot of sugar, but not as bad as 150 pounds of sugar.

My rules of Engagement

There have to be rules to this, because sugar is everywhere and I know that I would be impossible to live with without some kind of carbohydrate.  So I decided I will count sugar added to processed food.  That means I can eat all the fruit and vegetables I want as long as they don’t have any added sugars, if they do I have to count the added sugar.  Also, I can save up my sugar grams for one big treat.  And no fruit juice, it’s too concentrated.  If it comes in a package I check the ingredients for added sugar, if it’s there I count it, if not then I don’t.  So far I know that a Jr Chocolate frosty from Wendy’s has 22 grams of sugar and ketchup has 4 grams a tablespoon.  Yesterday I didn’t have any added sugar, just 2 apples and 2 bananas.  I didn’t die, but I REALLY wanted some chocolate.  Today I had a tablespoon of ketchup.  Still, I didn’t die, though I was searching the house for something to eat that had really low sugar.  I settled for a piece of sliced roast beef with avocado, blue corn chips, and salsa.  None of these had added sugar.  Applesauce with no added sugar saved me today, I wanted a sweet.  It is now 8PM and I’m feeling quite successful so far on my first two days.  I have actually saved up 36 grams of sugar availability for my year.  Good thing because I have a birthday party to go to in 2 days.

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