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Jan 17 / rsratte


Day 3 and I want chocolate.  I like chocolate, I don’t need it every day, but I like it every week, at least.  I made my way to Trader Joe’s for a Ritter Sport bar.  Dark chocolate with hazelnuts is my favorite and you can eat six squares of it for a grand total of 14grams of sugar.  That’s good enough for me, but just to be safe I left the rest of the bar in the car.  Truthfully though, it tasted very sweet and it kind of hurt my teeth.  How strange that in just 3 days I can taste the sugar so clearly.  On another note, my husband didn’t think it was fair for me to save up my sugar grams, but I disagreed.  If it was a hundred years ago I would have that 15 pounds of sugar sitting on my shelf, and if I didn’t eat it today, it would still be there tomorrow waiting for some special occasion.  So, my rule sticks.  I can save up my grams for a big treat.  Though today I used 22 grams of sugar all together, I couldn’t pass up a dark chocolate sea salt caramel that I saw at the Hallmark store.   That leaves me at a positive of 34 grams.  Now the hard part of this is going to be when I decide to cook or bake something with added sugar.  I will have to divide the sugar by the total servings to see how much each serving has, that is going to be tedious.  Especially when I make something that I don’t usually measure the sugar for, like the baked beans I’m making for a birthday party tomorrow.  I also have to confess that there are two other factors that will make my sugar experiment a little easier.  I am gluten free, which cuts out a lot of junk food, such as cakes and goodies, breads, crackers, and most all fast food, unless food is made special, but most of the time it isn’t.  The other is that I am feeding an infant, he can’t tolerate dairy, so no dairy for me.  Another interesting piece of information I heard today was about Alzheimer’s.  Some people in the medical community are starting to refer to Alzheimer’s as Diabetes Type III.  Yikes, hello, sugar is killing us and robbing our brains.  Really, I want to give sugar a rest, is it worth my quality of life being poor in the future?

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