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Feb 2 / rsratte

Birthday Party

Birthday party at in-laws today.  Good thing I had a reserve of 34 grams, with my 20 grams for today that allowed me 54 grams.  I made my Grandma’s hamburger and beans, by the time I added all the brown sugar and ketchup the beans had about 11 grams of sugar per half cup.  No one eats a half-cup of anything, do they?  Anyway, there was also coleslaw, with sugar added, and barbeque beef that definitely had sugar added.  Shrimp, spinach dip and cocktail sauce for appetizers.  So, how in the world can I count what I don’t know?  I can’t, but I can be a good guesser.  I know I had 3 squares of chocolate, that’s 7 grams, maybe a cup of beans, that’s 22 grams, shrimp with no cocktail sauce, I’m guessing 0 grams, and the rest I don’t have a clue.  So that’s 29 grams I am for sure about.  That leaves 25.  I am sure I used that up on coleslaw, beef, and spinach dip.  The problem is I didn’t eat much because I knew that I would be going over on my sugar, so I am hungry.   I didn’t have any soda, I don’t ever anyway, which is about 39 grams of sugar by itself.  No cake, no cupcakes.  I am starting to get a really good concept of all the sugar I have been eating.  Almost every single thing served had added sugar, even though it was all homemade.  Hmmm guess I’ll go have an apple.  Does it make you uncomfortable to turn down the cake when everyone else is eating some?  The more you do it, the stronger you will feel that you are in control of what you eat… because you are!  It’s easy to disappear into another room or the bathroom when the cake is being distributed, or say “What I would really like is a cup of tea, I’m so full.”  I doubt you’ll get an argument and the host will be happy they can get you something.

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