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Feb 11 / rsratte


It’s been uneventful in the land of no sugar.  I will sound like a broken record when I say that yesterday I had 3 squares of chocolate, at a cost of 7 grams of sugar.  At this point you are probly wondering if I am addicted to chocolate.  The answer is sort of.  I do like chocolate, and like I said before I need it every week.  At this point it is an easy treat, not a lot of grams to count and no trying to figure anything out.  Today I had Bread in a Box gluten free graham crackers (7 grams for 1 ounce) and 4 squares of chocolate (approx. 11 grams) at the same time, kind of like a modified smore.   I am now finished with that bar of chocolate I bought 5 days ago.  This hasn’t been a horrifying experiment so far.  I do stop before popping treats into my mouth thoughtlessly.  Have to check the ingredients first, and really I have been eating more vegetables and fruit then usual.  So my tally for today stands at 18 grams of sugar with 2 left over.  Add that to 13 grams from yesterday and I have a little savings account of 15 grams.  Yeah me!

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