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Mar 1 / rsratte

Sweet Addiction: Sugar and America’s Health Crisis

I am conference bound!  The Nutritional Therapy Association is having a conference about my sweet addiction and I’m going to find out all the information I can.  I will continue to post my regular blogs but will let you know all about the conference when I get back.  There are going to be a great bunch of speakers, some of the author’s I have read.  The NTA has a great list of books to read on their website, not all related to sugar, but a broad range of subjects related to nutrition.  It is a different bunch of books, not related so much to conventional wisdom diets.  Check it out  or

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  1. Sara Jensen / Mar 1 2012

    Thanks for the link, I am going to check it out. Also, thanks for the soda reminders!!! Love the tips!

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