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Mar 5 / rsratte


Sabotage! I went to Trader Joe’s this morning to get almond butter, chicken, and avacados, there is no way I can make it through this day without my banana and almond butter.  Anyway, they gave me a free box of chocolates (a whole pound), how funny is that?  The lady couldn’t even remember why they were giving them away.  Went to Chinese food yesterday and have no idea how much sugar was in what I ate.  I didn’t eat any sweet and sour anything,  no desert other than fruit, and no fried because I can’t eat the gluten.  I’m forfeiting today’s sugar grams since I had only 1 to work with yesterday.  I am going to say that is close and move on.  So tomorrow I will be caught up and start the day with 20 grams.  I do not like taking a credit on my sugar, I would rather save up for something.  Sounds like a credit card.  In case you are wondering the box of chocolates says 3 pieces is 23 g of sugar.

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