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Mar 19 / rsratte

Sugar-Free Caribou Coffee

It’s now been about 22 days and I have lost 5 pounds as a side-effect of my sugar reduction.  I have found it difficult to eat out.  If I eat at home, it is no problem to stay under 20 g of sugar a day.   I had a doctor’s appointment and thought I deserved a Caribou Cooler after.  Thought I would try the Northern Lite one since it says there is only 13g of sugar in it.  However, they don’t make it in Decaf. I know, why bother, that’s what it should be called…no sugar, no caffeine, HA!  The girl at the counter suggested a Regular Cooler with sugar-free syrup, because they have that one in decaf.  By this time there were 3 people behind me waiting for their caffeine drugs, so I said that’s fine and took it.  It was really good, too good, like there had to be sugar in there good.  So I got on the Caribou Coffee website and started digging around again to see how much sugar the regular base has in it, but no luck.  And can’t find that information by doing a search either.  While I was at it, I was wondering what kind of sweetener was being used in the sugar-free syrup.  I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners, but thought I would try it for the sake of this blog.  I couldn’t find any information so I emailed customer service.  I asked them if the regular cooler base has sugar and what the sugar-free syrup is sweetened with.  It took a while to get a reply and then they didn’t even answer the questions.  It was like asking your parents a question they don’t want to answer, they kind of changed the subject.  The answer was that the Northern Lite cooler base has sugar in it, that’s not what I asked, and they never told me what the syrup is sweetened with.  Then they gave me a link to the nutrition information on their website.  I already looked there and didn’t find what I needed that’s why I emailed them.  HELLO, is any one home!  Since I wrote this, I have learned a lot about artificial sweetners.  Stay tuned for the next post about artificial sweetners.

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